Who we are

MethodiQA is a boutique consulting firm specialising in the areas of Release Management and Environment Management. We predominantly focus on the project coordination and management aspects of a release the test environments underpinning it. We plan, manage and control thus fulfilling key DevOps attributes of  better collaboration and cooperation between business and IT and improved efficiency between ‘development’ and ‘operations’.

While Release and Environment Engineering teams have solid understanding of Devops tools and development standards, and also maintain awareness of operational considerations, they ultimately solve problems with technology.

Although technology is a key enabler for releases and test environments, concentrating entirely on the technical elements fails to see the full challenge of project coordination and management. Releases and test environment are complex and cut across company wide. When multiple groups have to operate and co-exist within the same boundaries, these problems are far more challenging than technical problems.

This is where a MethdoQA operates – we plan, communicate, track, assess risk, evaluate timelines, consider contingency plans, and orchestrate activities across the organisational groups while maintaining auditable track. We are professionals focused on people and process. We understand the technology aspects and it’s key role but we also understand and know the bigger picture –  We make Development, Quality assurance groups and business stakeholders, understand each other’s needs and align to a common set of activities and milestones that make a solid release.

With over 15 years experience, we have helped many prominent clients across a range of different business verticals achieve successful releases bedded into production.


Not one organisation is identical to the other. Although many enterprises operate using similar technology concepts and process frameworks the challenges are different. We listen deeply to what our client’s challenges and their objectives. We listen to the extent that we understand where are the pain points and what is working well which is key for us to provide the right solution. A clear and concise problem statement and is mutually agreed is the outcome of this phase.

Apply Thought

All of our approaches to solving problems have been tried and tested in many years of experience. Backed by an array of solutions harnessed by people, tools and processes we are able to identify the right solution to the problem statement. In this stage we take consideration on the broader operating environment where our solution has to live and integrate with. This gives our clients a great sense of confidence that what we propose is solid.

Bespoke Solutions

All of our solutions are bespoke which means that none are a one size fits all. We systematically and methodically assess the unique characteristics of the challenges and operating enterprise environment constrains within which our clients exist and develop customised solutions that meet our client exactly where they are at and take them to where they want to be.

Project/Portfolio Release Management

Release Management solutions for the project that aligns your Environment, Development and Testing teams to clear and defined goals

Project/Portfolio Environment Management

Environment Management solutions for the project that ensure that your test environment are available and fit for